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Ms. Lati helped my daughter learn some cheer techniques in one months time for High School cheer. She was patient and encouraging to my daughter who was feeling shy and awkward. I love how Ms. Lati focuses on strength and agility and not just learning routines. She had me record the sequences so she could practice at home and also fine tune. If you're looking for someone to do one on one or small group cheer lessons Ms Lati is definitely your go to for this. Her knowledge goes beyond a small gym tumbling class, and I'm so glad that I found her. We will absolutely use her again if my daughter is looking to fine tune or learn new techniques. Thank you Ms. Lati!

Trina M- Irvine, CA

Ms. Lati is a dedicated and talented coach. My daughter practiced with her for several months to prepare for her high school tryout. Ms. Lati went above and beyond to support my daughter and she truly cared.

Shelley W. - Lake Forest, CA

Ms. Lati is the real deal! My daughter took private lessons from her. In a short period of time her cheer and dance skills improved. Ms. Lati is very caring and supportive.

Emily L. - Irvine, CA


Latiology is truly a great place. My daughter has been wanting to learn dance and cheer but due to her shyness she was hesitant. Ms Lati is great with her and has helped build her confidence and she is extremely encouraging with her. Lati is very knowledgeable and great with kids. Wish I could give this place10 stars

Carol K. - Cypress, CA

Her patience and structure with the girls is amazing and I feel it's just what is needed in a young dancer life
Lynell H. - Foothills Ranch, CA

My daughter absolutely loves and looks forward to every Saturdays. They work on so many different aspects and it really keeps motivating my daughter to work harder.
Montana H. -Rancho Santa Margarita, CA

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