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Payment Method

One-time payment is due on at the time of Enrollment.  You may choose to pay your tuition with one of the following options: automatic draft through a checking or savings account OR a monthly auto debit from a major credit card(s) are the most convenient methods  AND cash, venmo, paypal payments are acceptable. Specify in "notes" the class you're signing your athlete up for. 

 There are NO REFUNDS or EXCHANGES. If your payment is declined, returned or not received by agreed upon due date, an additional fee of $30.00 will be charged.

>Full tuition will be charged during the months of: February 2023 - May  2023

>Sibling discount available


I, the parent(s), or legal guardian understand that participants may be photographed or videotaped during any class, performance, competition or any other event. I give Latiology permission to use such photos or videos for promotional purposes including but not limited to Social Media sites, Latiology websites, advertising and other marketing materials.


Are you an organization,  a school, or a community center and looking for a cheer coach to teach at your facility for 4 weeks, 6 weeks, 8 weeks or for 1 year.  Please contact Ms. Lati for more information on how this process works.


During class practices, we strongly encourage our athletes to wear comfortable clothing such as shorts, stretch pants, t-shirts or tank tops, socks, rubber tied sole sneakers, hair in pony-tail, bring a bottle of water and either a yoga mat or body towel.


All participants, including our athletes, parents, or legal guardians have an obligation to conduct themselves in a manner that is consistent with the highest standards of sportsmanship. Latiology is built on integrity and respect for others, therefore it’s important to abide by these core principles, Be responsible, Be honest, Be fair and Be kind.

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